Mon. May 29th, 2023

A common motif even in more current toons
As a kid, like most of us, I watched cartoons on Saturday morning. I remember the old Loony Tunes cartoons the most. There was more than one, which would show a conflict within the character. Should I do the right thing, the angel speaks saying yes or should I do the wrong thing and the devil says yes. Like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, each competing to direct your life. In fact, it is a plot ploy used for decades.

“The angel/devil concept is when a character has an imaginary angel on one shoulder and an imaginary devil on the other, both telling the character what to do. A shoulder angel/devil is a plot device often used for comic or dramatic effect. They are used to depict the inner conflict of character.”

The purpose of Fox News and its well-financed and organized friends is to be that devil, constantly shouting into the ears and eyes of anyone they can entrap, into their web of lies and deceit. It is their job to shout “DO IT” to every base emotion, every simmering hatred, and to let the haters and the screamers that they are not alone, and together, they are powerful.
Sometimes I wonder where all of the insanity comes from. That’s easy Fox News and its fellow devils. They are a carefully crafted assault on America, while claiming to be the only “Real” Americans, every night, every day on your television. You just have to click the tuner to open the door to the devil, into your home. And once he is there, the devil eats at your brain, until there is nothing left but Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marjory Taylor Green, Jim Jordan, and any fool that says what they want.
But even worse, the corporations that own the television networks have done their best to kill the angel on the other shoulder and replace it with TMZ and other shows just like it. We wonder why we are so screwed up as a nation? It’s the devil on so many shoulders, screaming “Do it.” This is how money as free speech works.

RC Romine

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