Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

There is an incredible dichotomy going on here. On Fox News, everything is bad and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault. In the commercial News, everything is not so bad but still, it’s all Joe Biden’s fault. Not once have I heard mentioned that it’s the supply chain’s fault, and that the supply chain was built by the Cons, Functions to replace American jobs, has financed the Chinese military, and given them technology. Nor have I heard that the inflation we see is caused by oil prices along with a failure of the Cons supply chain. They own it, not the government! It has been their total screw-up (Nice version) all along! And yet crickets! They will tell you that it is complicated and in its nuts and bolts, it is. But not in the purpose and ownership of it. The Cons own it all. The oil companies, the supply chain, the sending of your good paying job to China! ANY YET! Nothing from the commercial media they own except lies from Fox News and crickets from the corporate-owned news!
There is a sad simple truth here. They are willing to sell out this nation for low corporate taxes! They are ideologically in line with either MAGA or MAGA lite. So in the so-called “Free press” nothing bad can be said about how the economy actually works. “It’s all good here, there is nothing wrong here except the Democrats and Bernie Sanders in the devil.”
I once had a chance to work with a Chinese manufacturer. In the conversation, my boss asked about labor relations. He told him that there was no problem in China. They had company police to make sure that everyone stays in line, if they don’t they were beaten and if they survived that, they went to jail for a couple of years. There is a reason the Cons have felt right at home in China!
RC Romine


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