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Written by Ana Gararian

Isn’t a war

Just the big boys

Fight in the locker room?

What if no one watched,

If the halls stayed empty

And there were no

Cheers or Jeers?

What if the bar patrons simply

Turned their backs

And ordered up another round?

Could the, would the dispute

Be worked out

With some posturing

And a jab or two?

Even in a knockout

Wouldn’t there be less

Damage and folderol?

You say

What about the bullies?

Doesn’t it seem the bullies have

The biggest crowd anyway?

Let them/make them

Work it out on their own

Without witness

Or posse.

Would the bully not fear compromise

As it would not compromise his reputation?

Would the victim find voice

When not having to

Overcome the crowded chaos?

Copyright 2009
Ana Garaian
all rights reserved


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