Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Super Don?

Nam hopes to make the Jam kinda regular feature here at The Net.

You must have seen Trump’s pathetic promo with him as superman, laser eyes? Nam supposes the funniest thing about orange mango man is when he tries to show just how superior he is to everyone else. And this also fits his superior gene Aryan nature he claimed to have. Surely you remember when he ran in 2016, and so completely beat the already beaten up by the right Hillary, he claimed to have superior genes. So superior he lost the vote by almost 3 million.

Praise the spirit of his smarter, philosophical, uncle, Adolf that Republicans have rigged the Electoral College so popular candidates that DON’T want to be dictators lose that dis-stink-quished body.

The superman motif is so off. Actually, Take a Dump on the Constitution Donnie is more like the characters in Mystery Men, a movie where pathetic heroes finally win the day. The whole movie is filled with losers as heroes whose powers and motivations are far more pure than Drumpf. Even (Pee Wee) Spleen, with the powers of fart, is more successful than Super Donnie who loses election after election for those who follow his lead.

Villains to the rescue! Tony, DeSantis in this rendition, is one of the head villain’s helpers. In this case they do get a lot of their villainous wishes. Including, but by no means not limited to, steal needed supplies from blue states and give them to red states, who won’t use them anyway, lock down the court, no accountability, kill of a whole lot of “worthless ni…ers” because they won’t vote the politically correct way, beat cops, plant pipe bombs, continued help from the even bigger, more successful, villain, No Shirtacus.

And, to quote The Carpenters, we’ve only just begun to list their evil deeds!

Considering the “massive success” of Mystery Men, who else is ready for Mystery Men II? Maybe regulars like Casanova Frankenstein might return because we have all begged for a sequel! Who would you vote for the role of Casanova Frankenstein? Meadows? Drumpf Jr? Get your votes in now before your right to vote is taken away too, because in MAGA world all those who won’t vote their way are inferiors.

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