Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

I cannot make this up.

In 1946, the Ku Klux Klan incorporated itself in Georgia as “Vigilantes Inc.” – specifically to eliminate every Black citizen from the voter rolls. It worked. “Vigilantes Inc.,” a private group, elected their Klan strategist, Eugene Talmadge, as Governor.

And now, a new Vigilantes Inc. operation is back—for Trump. The exact same plan as the KKK 1940’s scheme—now powered by billionaires’ loot.

In 2022, the Palast Investigative Fund put out a short, early version of our film Vigilante, aimed specifically to warn Georgia voters of the GOP’s test-run of this old Klan con. Georgia public radio said, “Without the work of Greg Palast and team, Senator Warnock would not have been re-elected.” (Note: We are non-partisan—we trust voters, not vigilantes, to make the right choices.)

But look out! Right wing groups have launched new “vigilante” challenge operations in swing states Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas and (again in) Georgia– and are signing up over 100,000 “volunteers” to challenge a million – yes, a million – voters of color.

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