Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
What 40 acre spacing looks like
What 40 acre spacing looks like

Herd About It?

by Ana Grarian

I’ve been thinking about how to visualize the impact that natural gas drilling will have on CNY. Originally we were told that there would be one well per 640 acres. Sounds like a lot right? It’s a whole lot more than we owned. Turns out that’s one well per square mile. Under the new regulations of 40 acres per well, that would be 16 wells per square mile. Each well pad would be 5 acres or more. Is this what we want our beautiful countryside to look like?

How do I explain that for folks who live in urban areas? Under the new regulations there could be 21 wells in an area equivalent to NYC’s Central Park. Each well pad would be two or more city blocks. Is this what you would want your urban parks to look like?

Beyond the inevitability of water and air pollution, constant noise from truck traffic, drill rigs and compressor stations. Beyond the fact that this money and effort would be better spent on sustainable energy sources and conservation practices.

Is this what we want our world to look like?

Look to for more information on this topic.

By AFarmer

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