Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

In a way, the NP feels pangs of Christian sympathy for Cheney the Dicks daughter, Liz. Imagine being bred in such an environment as the one that the unfortunate Ms. Cheney was reared. Imagine the resulting mental trauma of coming of age and discovering that your father was among the worst human beings ever seen.

It is wondrous to me that a personality can be subdued to the extent of Liz Cheneys. In an attempt to capitalize on Eric Holders announcement that the Guantanamo inmates will finally see a judge, Liz went on Fox News to reach a new low in obfuscation of crime. Dick Cheney has so taken over his daughters independent thought that it would not surprise the NP in the slightest to discover that her real brain is in a vat somewhere, or that cloning is real and Dick has doubled his lifespan by installing his cloned hatred in his daughters handy corpse. Listening to this poor woman speak, I am reminded of a terrified 3-year-old trying to not incur the wrath of an abusive parent.

So, in addition to being a war criminal and traitor to his country, Dick Cheney will also to be able to claim the credit for all the damage he has imposed on his own flesh and blood. Dick Cheneys madness, his deep need for the blood of innocents, will be remembered for its ghoulish excesses alongside the worst of historys tyrants.

Such extremes of rhetoric can only imply a pervasive panic among the responsible, the Cheney’s in particular. They have all seen their comfortable margins evaporate. The cover that used to be there has inexplicably thinned to a veneer.

No doubt there is more to comewhen the day finally arrives that the book is closed on the Cheney chapter of American history, our mirage of exceptionalism will disappear forever.

Viva Obama! This is turning out to be a great year.

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RS Janes
14 years ago

Cheney’s right-wing apologists are panicking at the idea that KSM’s trial will bring out Dick’s and the White House’s involvement in ordering and monitoring torture and other war crimes. The judge and the defense attorneys and prosecutors are all bound by oath to turn over to the DoJ any evidence of wrongdoing by the govt, no matter where it leads. Holder is then bound to investigate and prosecute such info, and then Cheney boldly (and quickly) will retire to his fortified multi-million dollar estate in Dubai, a nation without extradition laws even for major crimes. I don’t think Dick will wait around to be called to testify again; the climate has changed since Fitzgerald’s lame prosecution of Scooter Libby.

14 years ago

if only that day only arrive sooner instead of later! can you not see the wingnut’s brains exploding as they attempted to pitch the idea that dick was only fleeing a witch hunt? to have that asshole in exile would be too sweet for words.

RS Janes
14 years ago

Yes, I can see it — Fox Newsers fulminating that the evil Obamaites, dedicated to destroying true patriots and our liberty, forced poor Dick to flee at night in his private jet with a skid of millions in cash money. It will be another sign of impending Hitlerism/Stalinism at the hands of the Antichrist from Hawaii (or Kenya). We can only hope all of Cheney’s wingnut friends follow him.

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