Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Keep in mind there would be no trouble passing a public option if it were not for a thing called the filibuster. They need 60 votes to prevent a filibuster and that 60th vote would belong to Joe Lieberman. On the other hand, if a bill resembling the compromise gets passed and the rethugs take over congress in the future, the democrats can filibuster any attempts to eliminate the (currently proposed) medicare/medicaid expansion. Yes, it stinks that young people cant get insurance. At least when youre young you are most likely in good health. Im less than a decade away from social security/medicare age and havent had decent health insurance since my former career came to an end(thanks to a corporate sponsored bill the feds passed..thats another story). We dont live in a democracy, we live in a plutocracy. Freedom? Of speech, perhaps. Economic freedom? Are you kidding? Were all free range slaves.


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RS Janes
14 years ago

You’re right, Chuck, and thanks for the post. It’s dumb that the Dems don’t do two things: 1.) Lower the filibuster threshold from 60 to 55 votes and, 2.) just extend Medicare to everyone, as Thom Hartmann has suggested — Medicare Part E. If you want to keep your private insurance, fine; if not, sign up for Part E and pay a reasonable premium based on your income. (Indigent people, of course, would pay nothing.)

Naturally, this idea scares the hell out of the big insurance corporations — few will want their over-priced ‘care’ if something cheaper and just as good is available — and it will be the end of for-profit corporate health care in this country.

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