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Results of the 2009 competition in Chattanooga


By Club

Barley Mob

First: 10
Second: 12
Third: 8
Points: 94


First: 2
Second: 4
Third: 1
Points: 23


First: 1
Second: 1
Third: 3
Points: 11

Final Gravity

First: 1
Second: 2
Points: 11

South Atlanta

First: 1
Second: –
Third: –
Points: 5

Bluff City

First: 1
Second: 1
Third: 1
Points: 9


First: –
Second: 1
Third: –
Points: 3


First: –
Second: –
Third: 1
Points: 1


Sponsored by Rebel Brewer in Goodlettsville, TN!

Barley Mob – A homebrew club LIBRARY OF BREWING BOOKS!!!! Thanks to Tom Gentry and Rebel Brewer!

Sponsored by Hop City in Atlanta! Thanks to Kraig Torres of Hop City!

1) Marc Powell, The Show
2) Jim Craig, Smoke Stack Lightning
3) Mitch Hoppe, Saison NOI


1, (4C) Steve Ruffin Bayou TecheSchwarz
2. (3B) Adam Hale Oktoberfest 2009
3. (2A) Marc Powell Blue and Yellow Purple Pils


1. (5C) Steve Ruffin Louisiana Terminator
2. (5A) Brandon Jones Our Bock
3. (5C) Brett Harper Dopplebock

06 Light Hybrid

1. (6C) Steve Ruffin Catahoula Kolsch
2. (6C) Pete Johnson Kolsch
3. (6B) Steve Ruffin $6 Blonde
H.M. (6A) Andrew Mason Cream Ale

07 Amber Hybrid

1. (7C) Geoff Henderson Dusseldork Alt
2. (7C) Tony Giannasi CTRL ALT DELETE
3. (7C) Steve Ruffin St. Rose Alt

08 English Pale Ale

1. (8C) Pete Johnson/Courtney Tyvand ESB
2. (8C) Dale Heyes Priam’s Noble ESB
3. (8C) Joe Dumas Joe’s ESB

09 Scottish and Irish Ale

1. (9E) Chuck Wheat Piper Down Wee Heavy
2. (9E) Brett Harper Howard’s Hickory Ale
3. (9D) Chris Bible Danny Boy Delight

10A American Pale Ale

1. (10A) Steve Ruffin Delacroix Pale Ale
2. (Tie) (10A) Hamp Covington Mountain View Pale Ale
2. (Tie) (10A) Tony Giannasi Citra Pale Ale

10B/10C American Amber/American Brown

1. (10C) Steve Ruffin St. Ann St. Brown
2. (10C) Mike Kalette Thunder Head Brown
3. (10B) Joe Dumas Sophie’s Golden Ale

11. English Brown Ale

1. (11C) Steve Ruffin St. Philip St. Brown
2. (11B) Steve Ruffin Ursuline Ave Brown
3. (11C) Brett Harper Brown Ale

12. Porter

1. (12C) Tony Giannasi Baltic Porter
2. (12A) Steve Ruffin Orleans Ave. Porter
3. (12B) Brian Spaulding Robust Porter

13. Stout

1. (13D) Chris Bible Ariee Mon
2. (13A) Joe Dumas Dry Breakfast Stout
3. (13A) Ben Pugh Dry Stout

14. Eng./Am. IPA

1. (14B) Steve Ruffin Bienville IPA
2. (14B) Hamp Covingtoon Eyes of the World
3. (14B) Brandon Jones Fence Hop

14C Imperial IPA

1. (14C) Marc Powell The Show
2. (14C) Ben Pugh IIPA
3. (14C) Tony Giannasi Tony’s Torpedo

15 German Wheat or Rye

1. (15C) Mark Forrester Weizenbock
2. (15D) Steve Ruffin Burgundy St. Roggen
3. (15A) Mike Lennox Fall Wheat

16/17 Belgian/French/Sour

1. (16C) Mitch Hoppe Saison NOI
2. (16C} Geoff Henderson Supa Saison
3. (17B) Brandon Jones Ned Flanders

18. Belgian Strong Ale

1. (18D) Ben Pugh Devil
2. (18C) Joe Dumas 3 Bagger
3. (18E) Brett Harper Dubbel Ugly

19. Strong Ale

1. (19A) Phil Snyder Philsner Peculier
2. (19C) Brandon Jones BJ Wine
3. (19B) Kevin Brennecke Barleywine

20. Fruit Beer

1. (20A) Adam Hale Clementine
2. (20A) Wes Rader Red Raspberry Wheat
3. (20A) Steve Ruffin Dumaine St. Blackberry Wheat

21. Spice/Herb/Vegetable

1. (22A) David Blankenship Big Hunkin’ Punkin Ale
2. (22A) Tony Giannasi “I’m Drunk, Charlie Brown”
3. (22B) Tony Giannasi Vanillad The Impaler

22. Smoke Wood Aged

1. (22B) Jim Craig Smoke Stack Lightning
2, (22B) Tom Gentry Rebel Smoked Porter
3. (22B) Courtney Tyvand Smoked Porter

23. Specialty Ale

1. (23A) Brian Spaulding Bourbon Porter

2. (23A) Jim Craig MILF

3. (23A) Wes Rader Honey Porter

Note: the information sent would not cut and paste accurately. It had to be retyped. The Professor stayed up late grading exams, so any errors may not reflect actual errors from the list the Barley Mob sent.

By Professor Good Ales

Mythical poster at The LTS Good for What Ales You Beer Journal. Loves good beer. Hates same old, same old. Muses that Bud and Miller might as well be brewed in urinals. Drinks lagers too, if they are complex and interesting.

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