Thu. Jul 18th, 2024


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RS Janes
14 years ago

I had a bet that Junior wouldn’t move to the hellhole of Crawford when he retired from the ‘prez’necy’ — who would want to live there if you had a choice? As an anonymous source close to the family admitted, Dumbya only bought the ranch (so to speak) to buff up his good ol’ boy photo-ops during the presidential campaign. A real Texas rancher also laughed about Junior’s brush-clearing antics — people who actually run ranches hire high school kids to do that work. For comparison, imagine if Bush had spent his vacation flipping burgers at a McDonald’s or selling Grit door-to-door. So there was our Worst President Ever doing a school-kid’s job for the benefit of the Gullible Idiots of our Worst Media Ever.

Palin’s the same kind of phony — you don’t wear make-up when game fishing, and you don’t have perfectly-groomed nails, but she sure fooled Andrea Mitchell and the other Media Twits.

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