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(Note. I am redating this post and putting more to the top of the page. The reason is the interview I mentioned with my friend just became more important. Drew Patterson, who had a heart condition and just went through a procedure, passed away last Monday. I will be doing an Inspection on him in near the future.)

(WHAS11) The ACLU calls Louisvilles abortion clinic one of the worst in the country, but it has nothing to do with what happens inside the facility. Its what happens outside the clinic that is catching the attention of people across the country.

WHAS 11s Melanie Kahn was at the clinic Saturday and shares with you her report. (For actual report, please click on link at the end of articile.)

“Please, the day before Mothers Day, please do not kill your child. We are warning you of judgment to come. These were just a couple of the things being said outside the clinic, to those who were trying to enter. Crosses, pictures, rosary beads, statues of Mary and people of all ages were outside of the EMW Womens Surgical Center, all voicing their opinions on abortion just one day before Mothers Day; and in the middle of it all, women trying to get in.

Please do not kill your child Maam, please choose life, said one protestor.

The entrance to the clinic is located on a public sidewalk. So the only way to get in the doors is to walk all the way down a line and through all of the people. There were people in orange vests who said they are clinic escorts, and that their job is to help women get to the entrance of the abortion clinic.

Drew Patterson, one clinic escort said, Part of my function out here is to create a safety zone for everyone. Not only for the clients and their companions, but also the escorts, the protestors and the poor people driving down the street. Diane Carlin, who is pro-choice said, I think its sad that women who are making a choice about their healthcare, have to come and be harassed by making that choice. But many of the people who say they are pro-life, disagree, and say they arent here to harass, but to educate. Donna, who is also pro-life said, Im here to spread the truth about unborn babies. Im trying to save their lives; Im trying to save mothers from a lifetime of regret. Ron Hendiges, also pro-life said, I would just like to ask the American people, dont they think this is an atrocity pulling these babies apart?

It was an emotionally charged scene; one where even our cameras are not always welcome. And even with police officers closely monitoring the area, many say, they dont feel safe.

Carlin said, My husband told me, just dont get shot.

Lindsay Gargotto, pro-choice said, I dont tell a lot of people I do this. And the people I do tell are like, do you take mace, do you take a taser?

The EMW Womens Surgical Center is one of two abortion clinics in the state. Abortions are performed almost every Saturday morning throughout the year.

(My friend, Drew Patterson, is one of the escorts. If you want to see him interviewed, please click… HERE.)

By Ken Carman

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