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by Ana Grarian

This Morning Ana gives her space to a fellow anti-fracking activist with important information to share.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
WBNG propaganda piece “Marcellus Shale Voices”: ++ KEEP UP THE HEAT!

This is A BIG STORY unfolding folks…
The media has a big part in this “play”.

Take some time, learn what this is about,
then TAKE ACTION by forwarding this note to other lists,
or contacting ONE of the agencies below….

This will take you 10 min. or less.
Do you have 10 min. to help save our water?


Recently WBNG aired a program “Marcellus Shale Voices” disguised as a public affairs segment of the local news, it was promoted during local news, and it appeared without sponsorship identification in violation of FCC rules (FCC rules carry the weight of federal law).

I have just learned this!
This just an example of how deceptive this program was… Check this out!!!

The last 20 min of the show features Julie Lewis and Bob Williams as speakers.
Julie Lewis is listed as “Photographer, Vestal”,
and Bob Williams is listed as “Environmental Consultant, Binghamton”.

What the show fails to mention some key facts!
BOTH have a financial connections to the Gas Industry!

Julie Lewis is vice-president of the Joint Landowners Coalition of NY (JLCNY), a group of landowners who will profit big once the gas drilling starts,

(source )

… and Bob Williams works as a consultant for the gas industry! If you read his website, you will see that his skills include expert testimony for “electric and gas transmission line permitting, and pipeline eminent domain hearings”.

So the message Bob wants you to know about his business expertise is,

You can sell the gas company your land for a pipeline, and if you refuse,
Bob will help them take your land anyway.

(source: )

Please continue your calls to the FCC, WBNG, and the Press and Sun:

1: FCC — Federal Communications Commission, Washington DC
call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) during business hours.
Refer to case number: 10-C00246669

Politely ask the FCC enforce their own rules: 47 CFR § 73.1212, which reads:

“When a broadcast station transmits any matter for which money…
is either directly or indirectly paid … the station, at the time of the broadcast,
shall announce that such matter is sponsored … and by whom or on whose
behalf such consideration was supplied.”

Politely ask that FCC compel WBNG to cover ALL sides of this issue, which potentially affects the drinking water for 10 Million People… WE NEED TO KNOW ALL OF THE FACTS!

Remind the FCC that the airwaves belong to WE THE PEOPLE ,so we should be able to have access to that which we own!

2: WBNG:

(607) 729-8812 or
If you call, ask for the General Manager

Ask him

1) to identify who paid for Marcelus Shale Voices,
2) how much would he charge for the same production assistance and airtime
to a producer (such as Bill Huston) who could show another side?

3: Press and Sun Bulletin

* (607) 798-1151 ask for Jon Campbell
* or (607) 798-1316 ask for Metro Editor Ed Christine

Ask them to cover WBNG’s illegal airing of a pro-gas propaganda piece

a) without announcing the programs financial sponsor
b) by deceptively disguising it as an informative public affairs segment
c) by promoting it as neutral during the WBNG Action news
d) by disguising important facts about the speakers financial
e) by refusing to offer the same deal to a community producer (such as Bill Huston)
would could fairly give voice to the opposing side
f) by misrepresenting the speakers with a financial interest in gas drilling as
“photographer” and “environmental consultant”

William Huston :
Binghamton NY Phone: 607-321-7846

By AFarmer

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