Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

This one goes out to the youngsters out there who have only begun to experience the political process in America. The ones who voted Obama into office and are now seeing the correction for the first time in these midterms:

The Democrats won in a landslide in 2010 for the first time ever in a midterm election, and the fact that there is a “Speaker Boehner” on November third is due to a Supreme Court decision, the Koch Brothers, Fox News, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Karl Rove.

The NP reminds the young voter that the great court supported the corrupted GOP with its Citizens United decision, allowing for unlimited and undisclosed money from corporations and foreign interests in the campaign. The unintended consequence was that it helped the Tea Party candidates too, and that fact threatens to split the right wing in the House of Representatives. A silver lining for Progressives if ever there was one!

Hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign interference has bought the corporate masters precious little. Speaker Boehner will get what he always wanted and was promised long ago, the mantle of Head of the GOP Majority, but it will not be what he thought it would be. He is presiding over a shattered party in disarray, and it couldn’t happen to a more corrupt deserving devil!

The right outspent the left eight to one to garner a measly majority in the House, and despite all the crowing, all that has been accomplished is the creation of a need to follow through with these untenable policies the right pretends to espouse. They say that America has given the Republicans another chance; the reality is that their corporate daddy BOUGHT them another chance.

We were told it was to be a tsunami on Fox News, (not that the NP holds any hope for truth from an outlet that is a 24-hour GOP propaganda machine!) and where are the election results? Exactly within the spread needed to flip the votes in the easily-hacked electronic voting machines!

The culpable media is advancing the meme that the Democrats and the left lost in a referendum on Obama…the right is being told that they won, so there will be no need for “second amendment” remedies…until they backfire on the right when they fail to produce for any but the wealthiest few in this country.

Obama still has the Veto, and he should have ample opportunity to block the insanity proposed by the right.

Lastly, that traitor Karl Rove, and his buddies, the filthy rich billionaires, will expect their reward from those they put in office with their bloody dollars. And those that allegedly voted their way after a sea of cash bought the ads that carried the lies will see once and for all that their trust is a source of comedy to their owners. The masters laugh and send the jobs overseas and collect tax breaks that make them and their families rich beyond imagining…while Joe Teabagger has his Social Security privatized and dies in a gutter from some curable disease, and his kids end up in a corporate jail system.

There is a lot for the left to be pleased with; Obama is slowly dragging the right to the center with incredible dexterity. The right is scared shitless the wingnut element will doom their chance at real power come 2012, and I guarantee the big money boys aren’t going to be willing to expend the kind of cash they did this cycle for the paltry returns they garnered this time around.

We have got to get Karl Rove and his ilk off the streets. They are what lie at the center of the morass we find ourselves in now. They know that they can never play fair if they expect to be in the game, so they cheat and lie and disenfranchise…anything to tip the scales in their favor.

Keep it in mind as we head into 2012; we won this cycle in a big way. The left managed to hang on in spite of tremendous opposition, nearly all they could muster short of rioting in the streets. The right knows this…you should too.

The News Pauper respectfully exits until next we meet.

© W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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RS Janes
13 years ago

Good one, WB. Yes, I think it’s a case for the GOP of ‘be careful what you wish for’ as they have no real plan for providing jobs or balancing the budget, and the only thing the Teabaggers and the GOP completely agree on is ‘impeach Obama.’ In the states that elected Republicans as govenor, etc, such as Ohio and Michigan, they can now watch their states slide into bankruptcy while their jobs are shipped overseas and public services suffer from privatization. Apparently these folks are going to have to relearn a hard lesson they should have learned under Junior Bush — you cannot trust the GOP to help you in times of economic crisis — they were, and are, the party of the rich. On the plus side, most of the Blue Dog Dem caucus in the House is gone and ‘Wicked Witch of the Midwest’ Blanche Lincoln is no more. Moreover, as you say, the Undisclosed Plutocrats spent hundreds of millions defeating progressives like Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson, and watching what should have been easy GOP Senate pick-ups in Nevada, Colorado and Delaware go down in flames. Once they get a load of the batshit crazy Teabaggers about to enter the House, the Big Money Boys may pine wistfully for the days of the progressive Dems.

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