Sun. May 19th, 2024

Connecticut- Joesph “Two Faced” Lieberman’s office has announced that Joey, who has decided not to run for another term as the head self absorbed Judas in the Senate, has decided to take a position as a consultant and spokesman for Gas Chamber, Inc., a new corporation founded by many famous Right Wing ideologues like Biggus Dickus, Junior, O’Lielly and Smeckus da Beckus. They own the patent for Zyklon B.

When reached for comment, Joltin Joe’s spokes-Klansman said, “Joe has been promised this gas will not be used on Jews again, at least not now. We have bigger targets for now: Liberals, Black Presidents, Michael Moore, Jon Stewart… of course, if he must, Joe will find a way to support its use on Jews. As he admits himself, in private, ‘I’ll do anything for the cause, whatever that may be at the moment. Need a blowjob, Rush Limbaugh? I’ll be there.'”

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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