Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

This is a gem. A few sentences have been edited out so you can go to the site itself and listen while giving them a “click.” If you want to hear some of the clips, click HERE.

Written by Ryan Witt for

Today an audio tape was released containing a prank call between Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) and someone pretending to be David Koch, a billionaire who contributes to Republican campaigns and conservative causes.  David Koch is co-owner of Koch Industries, the second largest private company in America.  Koch Industries is involved in all types of business, but may be best known for their involvement in the significant investment in the coal industry.  A political action committee (PAC) operated by Koch Industries gave $43,0000 to Governor Walker’s campaign in 2010.  In the phone call Walker clearly believes that he is talking to David Koch.  Walker’s office has admitted that the voice in the audio tape is that of Governor Walker.  In fact, Walker is talking to blogger named Ian Murphy from

Walker gives “Koch,” who is a resident of New York, a detailed summary of the Wisconsin Republican Party’s plan to force the 14 Democratic state senators to come back to the state.  Many of the Wisconsin Democratic leaders have complained about not being able to get Walker on the phone, but Koch evidently has unfettered access to the Walker.

Walker also claims that the protesters outside the Wisconsin State Capitol Building are mostly people from outside states, a claim that has yet to be substantiated by any independent source.  Lost in the claim is the irony of the fact that Walker is talking to a billionaire from New York about a key issue in his state while criticizing alleged protesters from outside of the state.

During the conversation Walker keeps telling Koch that he will not “budge” or “negotiate” with the Democrats on the bill.  At one point “Koch” suggests that Walker bring a baseball bat when talking to the Democrats.  Walker responds by saying, I have one in my office.  You’d be happy with that. I’ve got a slugger with my name on it.”

In part two of the phone call available to the left, Walker discusses other ways they might win the battle with the protesters.  Walker talks about all the interviews he is doing with national media.  “Koch” talks about sending Andrew Breitbart down to help out and Walker seems to agree with the idea.  At one point “Koch” suggests sending some of his own people to be “troublemakers” among the protesters.  Walker does not explicitly agree with the idea, but also does not discourage it and says he “has talked about that” with his staff already.  Walker and “Koch” discuss his recent appearane on MSNBC.  Walker says he only goes on the network to “get combative” with the hosts.  At the end of the conversation “Koch” says that after Walker crushes these “bastards” he will fly him out to California and “show him a good time.”  Walker responds by saying “that would be outstanding.”


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