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Yeah, well, maybe, and part of his contentment may involve the fact that he’s maikng $120K a year from his own health care business, which is practically a license to print money, and living in Hawaii, which, according to some Republicans, is now called Kenya. Incidentally, I’ve never known an observant Jew who was happy, so this piece of Gallup pollstering is likely nothing more than another serving of Big Media junk science, or an April Fool’s Day joke.

Good News

Who is the “happiest man in America”? Well, according to an article in the NY Times, it’s Alvin Wong …

Daily, for more than three years, the Gallup Poll randomly rang up
1,000 adult Americans to track their emotional state, work situation, diet, health, stress levels and other quality of life findings to chart elements representing “the good life.” They then put their findings into a Gallup-Healthways’ Well-Being Index, and sorted them by geographic and other criteria.

Thus, the pollsters evolved a statistical composite for the happiest person in America, who turns out to be an observant Jew in Hawaii – a tall, 69-year-old Chinese-American married, with children, who manages his own health care business, making about $120,000 a year.

His name is Alvin Wong, and when contacted, he said,
“This is a practical joke, right?”
— From Planet Proctor 2011-5, April, 2011.


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