Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

If you’re a middle aged man who’s born the brunt of crude jokes about your name for your whole life, wouldn’t you think you’d do your best to avoid more of them?

If you are a public servant in this technical age of many publicized scandals and the career damage that does, wouldn’t you be very careful of how you used your social networking accounts?

If you’re an elected official who is asking the public to allow you to run their country, wouldn’t you avoid acting like a 12 year old in the junior high gym?

If you expect me as a woman to put my trust in you as my representative, wouldn’t you uphold the trust your wife and family placed in you?

Sexual stupidity does not automatically mean you can’t do your job well, but acting immaturely, in a public media, and violating your word to your spouse, does call into question whether you can act responsibly, and in the voter’s best interest.

By AFarmer

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