Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024


by Ana Grarian

It was hot yesterday. I spent the morning planting flowers the neighbor had tired of watering.. They were long and leggy from being left in their little greenhouse pots. I think most of them will recover. While I worked I soaked my gardens with the hose.

It has been very dry here. The black walnut dropped its crop early and small. A neighbor’s mulberry dropped small hard little fruits, before I even recognized it had them. The grass has been dry and brittle for weeks and it’s only July. I have been carrying dish rinse water and bath water to try to offer some releif.
Coming home from a meeting out in my old hometown, I noticed the continued stench as I drove along the valley. This didn’t make sense. There were no barns and the fields were of tall corn. No spreading ad been done there for months. And then the road broke through to where you could see the stream. Less than half its normal summer flow and everything covered in a slick green slime. Could that just be from drought or is it as I fear, a sign of manure in the water? And how much as this new double roing of cor got to do with the dry creek?
I know – I shouldn’t complain – at least we are not in a severe drought, or flood, like so much of the country.
I spent yesterday afternoon trying not to turn on the ac. I kept telling myself, “It’s your day off. You don’t have to accomplish anything this afternoon. Just sit still in the shade.” Finally after walking across town and back beneath the 100 degree sun, I turned on the air conditioner. Ours is very small. Basicly I try to get the temperature down to around 80. The dehumidifying helps if nothing else.
After dark I turned it off (still 85) and flung open every door and window and started the fans. I slept on the sofa hugging a frozen water bottle so we could leave the doors open. Around 3am it was finally cool enough to go upstairs.
This morning we woke to an overcast sky teasing of rain. Finally it came. While doing dishes I watched the plants bobbing their heads as the rain drops hit them. Writing I keep glancing up to see if the half yellowed and browned leaves of our tree are still dripping in the fine mist. Do passing cars have their wipers on?

We could use days of this. Yet sadly the asphalt is almost dry already.

By AFarmer

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The All-Mighty Webmaster
13 years ago

Summer came on a Tuesday this year here in Washington State. I’m serious. We didn’t have a Spring this year — the temperature never rose above 62°F through the month of May into mid-June. Then, the temperature rose to a sweltering 75°F for a couple of days and has since dropped back to the low sixties with full-on rain for the past week or so.

From the looks of the forecast, this pattern will continue into the first week of August.

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