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“Questions even an olde fool could answer right.”

A. The leader of your party decides to hold a speech Congressmen and women are supposed to attend on a debate night for the other party.

The leaders of the other party he has to run against next year insist they hold it on a night when no one will watch because it’s the night of a big game. He “compromises” by changing the date to the night of the big game. This is NOT the first time he has given in to them while insulting his base for even thinking he should have a backbone for one %$#@!&* second. This means…

1. He’s acting like he’s a shill; maybe even a Trojan Horse, for the other party.
2. He hates his own base. Each and every damn one of you.
3. Election time: 2012? WE’RE F…KED!
4. All of the above

Game changer: if the other side nominates a real whack job and the Sarah Palin-loving lamestream media actually takes a little notice rather than continuing to spread their legs for the other side: being whores for their lies and propaganda. You know: the same media that treats John McCain as the “go to man,” but Kerry and Gore as sources to be shunned?

Chances of the media doing that, even if they nominated Satan with Hitler as VP? Far less than fair and mostly GD IMPOSSIBLE.

B. Theists give great power to God, especially all dem fun Fundies. So if God punishes sinners, rewards believers, pulls all strings, does this mean…

Mother Theresa- DEAD
Jerry Falwell- DEAD
Hugh Hefner- ALIVE

Michelle BLEECHmann says God is trying to get our attention with all these storms, earthquakes, etc.


1. God loves pervs.
2. God hates Catholics who work with the poor.
3. God hates Fundies
4. God hates everyone
5. The whole concept that these things indicate a deity trying to pass on some message, or indicates that God agrees with any pol or Teabagger is VERY STUPID AND POLITICALLY DRIVEN.

“…has anyone else noticed that the folks who yammer about, “Gay agenda,” are the ones with the biggest agendas?”

– Ken Carman

Correcto mundo, Mr. Carman

“Cause nothin adds up in Neo Nut World.”

If you pay attention to main stream media you would think Dems lost in Wisconsin. The story could be that the challenge to Fuhrer Walker’s team may not be quite as strong as we thought, but they did win. Wrong, oh purveyor of putrid Neo Nut talking points. Add up the score. Baseball game…. one team could have had more hits but they got two homeruns. Other team could have got more hits: they scored zippo. Sure team one would love to have more than two but who the hell lost, who wins? In mainstream media land the team that didn’t even score; hardly even hit the damn ball.

Obama Ad for 2012: Democrats

“If there was actual ‘truth’ advertising.”

YOS has noticed that B. Obama seems to have a REAL problem playing hard ball. With the impending election, Scribe offers some help…

The scene: a plantation, circa 1845. Light skin Black man tied to a tree. You can’t see his face. Master approaches, whip in hand.

Cut to Con talking head deriding Barack’s vacations. Back to plantation. While whip tip flies, Master yells, “lazy no good, nigger!” Slave reacts to whip, then says, “But Massa, you took far more breaks, like during da last big hurricane when even the children drowned, and did notin. Pity Massa, I only…

Cut to Barack saying “damn,” then cut to commentary about Barack going all “street.” Cut back to Master with whip…

Whip flies, slave reacts, “Don’t you talk back to me ‘boy!’ That was the past. Never you mind I caused it, you own it now!”

Cut to Limbaugh’s “Barack the Magic Negro”

Whip flies, slave reacts.

“I’ll teach you ta think ya’ll somedin special, and goof off letting the crops go ta hell, boy!”

“But Massa, durin da big hurricane befo dis one yous stayed out playin gee-tar instead of comin back here. Yous sent help dat never came to where it was da worst, gave money to dos dat support you. I did try to help, both times…”

Clip Bush playing guitar.

Cut back…

“Don’t talk back to me, boy, you arrogant Nigger sumoabitch who dare to dink he as good as white people”

Whip flies.

Slave reacts.

Continue to do this cut back and forth, reacting to slight variations on racist like comments made by the Right.

At the end, narrator’s voiceover while whip continues to fly, “Vote for Massa Parry (or…), 2012, cause the last Massa, his friends, were SO good. Time to for good Christians to get that Nigger… we mean ‘Obama,’ outta da White House.”

Optional: cut to narrator dressed as Klansman.

Anti-Obama Ad 2012: Republicans

“If there was actual ‘truth’ advertising.”

Fellow RepuliKunts, Teabaggers, Neo Nuts! Do ya really want some brainless clown in office again that everyone makes fun of cause he has no manners, is crass and hasn’t the ability of a 4 year old has when it comes to speaking English? All your wet dreams CAN come true. Vote Obama 2012! Just threaten him and da nigger will give in, while telling dos ‘professional’ SocialistNaziPinkoCommies to SHUT UP and do what Massa demands.

at Scribe’s Anti-Archie Bunker!

“And you thought those old fairy tales were very… Grim.”

Boys and girls! Beddy bye time. Gather round for another all too real Scribe fairy tale that will scream you to sleep. This one NOT starring Sigourney Weaver…


A prototype concept for a not so spacey movie sequel that will never appear on any screen or stage, not even the floor of the stage at the Met. However, tis an interesting… ready? …Met-a-floor.

The creature from the strange planet called Texas had been waiting for an eternity: since at least his father monster had been seen in the White House: wasting time by getting wasted, just like his mate wasted her ex-boyfriend. Unlike his father, a cranky, nasally, clueless, annoying, on a very rare occasion well meaning, creature, his offspring, who sprung out of his she bitch mother’s crotch, a vile, acid spitting, classless, snotty, smirk laden, foul stench of a monster.

The corrupt; bought and paid for, Supreme Court 5 said we had to make him president.

All those years laying some REALLY big eggs and wrecking everything. Now eggs are hatching: all eager to return to laying even more rotten, foul smelling, eggs… and, of course, killing more people: all for fun and profit. They may go by different names: Beyond the Palin, Gangrene-rich, I Got Pawlenty of Nut-in, the guy whose name sounds like a Parry Bad Kool Aid flavor and of course Bachmann Turner Overdrive, without the “drive” or Ted Turner. They’re all as bad, or worse, and more clueless, than Daddy.

What to do?

What to do?

We need a hero.

But instead of a Predator President that would hunt them down, we have Barack Obama… and most of the other Democrats: who would rather be eaten.

You’re next.

Have a nice night.

Don’t let the ReTHUGlicans bite.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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