Sun. May 19th, 2024

Now we have it folks. The FDA has finally clarified the Republican Candidates for us by their definitions of school lunch programs.
Since Unky Herman Cain is(was) the CEO of Godfathers Pizza, he is now officially a Vegetable. Going back a few years, Democratic contender John Kerry, married to the Heinz Heiress could be now construed either a fruit or a vegetable, depending on what side of the plant he happened to be standing on that day.
Leave it to the FDA to show us the way during difficult times.
Personally, I believe Bernanke of the Fed to be an Eggplant, but the jury is still out of just what kind of food that is,


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Ken Carman
12 years ago

Personally I think of Kerry as competition for those plants Harry Potter and his class pulled out of the pot: mandrake, if I remember right. Sometimes he says smart things, but he needs to learn to say them without going on and on, Frankly I think I’d rather hear the mandrake screech than sit through how he tortures the syntax.

You know it used to be that a Palin, or a Kerry, or a George W., or Newt at his professorial worst, wouldn’t get very far in public life. If one must go on and on, for instance, I think of the elegance of Lincoln. Or one thinks one is a wit I think of Kennedy or Reagan. No matter what you thought of any of these, they could speak. They could communicate. Lately most of these jokers seem more a very bad rhetorical combination of that old laugh IN rant where she would go on and on not realizing how clueless she’s being, then say, “never mind…” and a very bad Vaudeville act that would have been hooked off stage a few a few seconds.

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