Fri. May 24th, 2024

Written by Ye Olde Scribe

On Donner!
I’m Blitzened
By Ms. Claus
He’s about to be schmitten!

As they blast
Through the frigid
North Pole air
Ms. Claus found out with whom he got bare
Now she is aimin a howitzer down there

You see Santa forgot to wear
His rubber sock
After one too many dog of da hair
Into a now pregnant she elve
Santa did delve
Now Ms. Claus’
Is bout to give him unholy helv…

But wait!
Before she shoots
Santa gets punished
For knockin his own boots

So forget the medics
Get a coroner, not a doc
Santa was so crocked
He and his whole team got clocked
By what he didn’t see
His own Christmas tree
Guess you could say
Truth be told
Santa got driven up the arse
By his own personal North…. pole

Soon kids everywhere will…
Copyright 2011
Ye Olde Scribe
all rights reserved

Santa: the year before he was... SLAYED


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