Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

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This image says it all. A Dogs Against Romney Pack Member was stopped by the Littleton, Colorado police yesterday for having a dog crate on the roof of his car. The Pack Member , identified only as “Oredigger,” was on his way to protest at a Mitt Romney event yesterday with the crate atop his car carrying a stuffed toy dog when the police officer, believing he was actually transporting a live dog on the roof of his car, stopped him. Says Oredigger, “I was pulled over for suspected animal abuse.”

UPDATE: According to Huffington Post, ” a spokeswoman for the City of Littleton confirmed the traffic stop happened because of canine concerns. ‘Our 911 center received a call from a motorist who saw the car in the photo drive past…,'” the spokeswoman said.

“We respect anyone’s right to support or oppose anyone’s candidate,” the spokesperson continued, “but when you pull a stunt like that and lead passerby to think there’s a live animal in there, it’s probably taking it too far.”

Mitt Romney has admitted he transported a live animal on the roof of his car.

This clearly illustrates how blatantly awful, incredibly dangerous, outrageously insensitive – and even illegal – Mitt Romney’s decision to transport his own dog on the roof of his car was.

Mitt is mean – and unqualified to be president.


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