Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

New York City, NY- A spokesmale for the Union of United Man Whores, who would only identify himself as “John,” announced today there would be a protest on 42nd street regarding the Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh controversy. When asked what the protest was about by veteran Not the News reporter, YOS, Hunglo Wang said, “We’re tired of the drive to extinction for the slut species. I mean first we had woman’s lib, then AIDs and now this? What the HELL is Rush doing? Can he only think of himself and the hordes of Dominican boys he has wet dreams about every night? The slut species is almost extinct! And he’s not satisfied with that, he has to dis the prostitutes too? This is SO unfair for all us ‘Johns’ out there! Where is a man whore supposed to go now to get his wankel wicked?”

On the bright side, John said, “I still get my Viagra paid for. After all, us ‘Johns’ should have OUR ‘medical’ needs taken care of, right?”

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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