Problem As I See It: vol 37

I’m reading yet another article on Americans and their lack of vacation, or to put it another way, Europeans and their wealth of vaction time. As written it appears that all Europeans take off the month of August. Really? All of them? Or is it just the professional class? Cause otherwise, who’s minding the store……the store, the gas station, the hospitals…for that matter, whose working at the resorts they go to? Someone must be running those hotels and restaurants they visit.

I have a pretty good handle on why the American working class doesn’t vacation much. First – if we are lucky enough to have vacation time, it is often used up by other things. Dr. appointments, errands at offices that require you to show up in person and are only open M-F/9-5, and being sick, or caring for a sick parent/child.
Then if you are lucky enough to have time left over, you have to coordinate that time…
Can/will one of your co-workers cover your shift?
Can your partner, spouse, kids get the same time off?
Does it coincide with a good time to visit any event/attraction you would like to attend?
Does it coincide with a time your relatives would like you to visit?

I’d like to hear from folks who have lived/traveled/have relatives overseas. How does it really work in Europe?