Boomers Fizzle

Where do we go from here now that all of the children are growing up?
Us boomers, through the 60s and 70s had all the answers. We were going to change the world. Peace, love. dove.

Well, lets see how our score card looks.

We manage to have 2 senseless wars going at the same time. Nether of which we were asked to participate in.
We have pissed off the entire world with our support of Israel, a country who is beginning to make Adolf Hitler look like a saint.
We have the largest deficit, and unemployment numbers since 1929.
We are no longer a manufacturing economy, merely a service business, and we cant even run that right. Looking at all the store closings and layoffs should tell you that.

Score cards looking pretty bad, so far.

We just came out of 8 years of the most horrible presidency, even surpassing Herbert Hoover at the beginning of the depression.
We have overwhelmingly elected the first Black President. He has been in office 2 weeks and people are yelling that he isnt doing anything. This would be the same crowd that sat with their heads up their asss for 8 years. Now that the President is Black and not a Republican, the neo cons are pointing and saying that he cant get the job done.
Its a little hard to float the Titanic after it laid on the ocean floor for 8 years isnt it?
The best anyone can do is try and cut as much of the pork out of the government.

The score card just went up a bit, except that Obama isnt a boomer. He belongs to Gen X.

So, we as boomers have screwed up ourselves, elected those who would screw up for us, and now are losing our jobs, houses and what shred of dignity we have left.

Dont worry boys and girls. Retirement is coming soon and well all be demanding the benefits that the boomers we elected have stolen from us.