Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Two America’s’

Defend the Rich and Disparage the People Who Work for a Living– Yeah, That’s the Ticket…

Here’s the crazy Rush Boy defending million-dollar bonuses for AIG executives who drove the company into bankruptcy:

“[T]his is not just executives, but executives are employees, too. And in many of these firms their salaries are pretty small. They work on bonuses, via contract based on merit.”
— Rush Limbaugh, hilariously supporting the AIG bonuses on his radio show, March 17, 2009. [H/T to Media Matters’ new “Limbaugh Wire.”]

Right, “based on merit.”

And here he is lying to condemn autoworkers for earning their pay and benefits:

Limbaugh Drubs UAW Benefits

Once again, Rush proves himself to be the best friend progressives ever had.