How Strong is YOUR Stomach?

It pays to know the mind of the enemy: the enemy stripped of all his, or her, attempts at political correctness. Posting this was a tough decision… and the comments after the post are in many ways worse than the rant itself. Yes, the picture above from that post: as offensive as it is, is less offensive than the commentary. If you refuse to even see the “n”-word, or “coon,” or anything racist in nature: do not go here.

“For years I’ve railed against blacks and their many faults and evils, and I’ve been called every kind of bigot and hate monger in the book. Not only liberals and blacks hate me, but quite a few of my own people as well, because even they have swallowed too much of the liberal poison that has been deliberately planted in their minds from birth, which has twisted their thinking processes beyond the capacity to make clear-headed decisions any longer. My own people have become just as dangerous as the enemy…as planned.”

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