A “Love” Poem for TSA

A “Love” Poem for TSA

Written by Ye Olde Scribe

Where might they put a bomb?
Can we figure that?
Maybe in a hat
Maybe in their caged cat
Can we gut people who are fat?
Maybe insert something
In what they used when they sat?
No need to be careful where we pat
And to explore where they sat
Let’s train a mini-cam-ed rat!
This is how we keep people as alarmed
As about swine flu or Commies in Nam
Oh, where, oh where next
Might we grope for a bomb?
Is it on your balls
Up your twat?
Do you have WMD
Or just a hard on you’ve got?
Hey America
Maybe next we’ll all fly bare
And if you’re this “easy”
You’ll let TSA stick anything anywhere
©Copyright 2010
Ye Olde Scribe
all rights reserved

Drawing of suspected pat down/patent pending TSA probe device, courtesy BBC and KNS. Or is it the new TSA logo?

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