We are Occupy

I spent yesterday pacing, tidying the house and walking the dog. I couldn’t sit still. The dog was happy for the extra walking. She also slept really well last night.
Why all the agitation?
It’s just the news, but how do I put it all together?

The Herman Cain sex scandal, the Penn State sex scandal, Fracking, the shutting down of Zucotti Park and other Occupy sites, industrial agriculture and it’s hold on our tax $$, are all related. It’s ALL about money and power and the corruption they bring.  

Herman Cain worked for a powerful lobbying firm, so when women had the audacity to bring a complaint, they were paid off. Why? Because they could. Bloomberg, a Wall St icon who managed to easily finance his way into the Mayor’s office got tired enough of the Occupy movement that he shut it down. Or- he tried to. Apparently with help from the Federal Government. Does the fact that his wealthy girlfriend sits on the Brookfield Properties board have anything to do with it? Probably.

Penn State Football. Football (and other sports) as religion is all about the money it brings to the right people. And the fact that money does not flow well into educational efforts, so sports pays much of the bills. Like wealthy donors to a local church, that program is kowtowed to. Nothing that brings tarnish to the organization is allowed to see the light of day, because it might slow the flow of $$. A winning coach becomes a god and is paid huge sums (Paterno was reportedly paid half a million dollars in 2007).

The man standing accused by numerous people including eye witnesses, parents and alleged victims, is released and at home without monitoring. Do you suppose that would be true for you or I.

Boards of high priced hedge funs, civic “associations” and political pacs recieve big bucks to collaborate with their cronies, while churches, schools and local non-profits struggle to make a positive difference in their communities with volunteers. CAFO’s and other industries, pay people to troll government sites for grants and other public monies, and then sit on economic development boards, and regional planning committes, while real farmers and entrepeneurs and small business people are working to get their job done. Who do you suppose get those grants?

We are subsidizing big oil and big food and big pharma, well letting the best of our workers stagnate, just trying to get by.

Occupy – Occupy – Occupy!

Yes the physical presence of the movement has a young face, because they have the time and energy to be there. Let’s face it. I’m beyond sleeping on cold concrete for very long. But look closely at the faces that come and go, or are there during the day, or are working FB support sites and scanning the headlines for news about how it’s going.

Maybe things are changing. POGO once said “we have seen the enemy and it is us”. Maybe, just maybe, we have banded together to be our saving grace. Winter is coming, we must keep up the good work. If we can manage to not back down, if we can stay the course…Spring might just come to the US.