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Tennessee poll worker fired after turning away voters in Black Lives Matter shirts, masks

MEMPHIS — A Shelby County, Tennessee, poll worker was fired Friday after election officials learned that he had turned away voters who were wearing masks and T-shirts that said Black Lives Matter.

“What he did was patently wrong and he was fired,” said Suzanne Thompson, spokeswoman for the Shelby County Election Commission.

State law prohibits people from wearing items with the name of a political party or candidate currently on the ballot while in a polling place, but statements like “Black Lives Matter” or “I Can’t Breathe” are not violations of that law.

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Ballot Box Fire In California May Be Arson, Officials Say

If the ballot box fires proves to be arson, it will be the first such case in the entire country.
A ballot box in Baldwin Park, California, was discovered ablaze on Sunday evening, torching as many as 100 ballots inside, according to The Los Angeles Times.

  • Firefighters tried putting a hose through the drop slot to extinguish the flames, and eventually used a power saw to cut the box open, put out the fire and retrieve the burned ballots.

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Proud Boys Supporter Warns of ‘Civil War’ if Donald Trump Loses Election

A video has emerged of a Proud Boys supporter warning that there will be a “civil war” if Donald Trump does not get re-elected in November and advises people to stock up on guns.

The clip featuring the self-proclaimed supporter of the far-right group was posted online by actor and blogger Walter Masterson and took place during a Trump rally in Staten Island, New York.


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AP finds most arrested in protests aren’t leftist radicals

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump portrays the hundreds of people arrested nationwide in protests against racial injustice as violent urban left-wing radicals. But an Associated Press review of thousands of pages of court documents tells a different story.

Very few of those charged appear to be affiliated with highly organized extremist groups, and many are young suburban adults from the very neighborhoods Trump vows to protect from the violence in his reelection push to win support from the suburbs.

Attorney General William Barr has urged his prosecutors to bring federal charges on protesters who cause violence and has suggested that rarely used sedition charges could apply.

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How To ‘Weaponize’ Misleading Narratives About Voting: Lessons from Trump-Linked PILF Playbook

In the weeks after Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, his aides began searching for a narrative that could explain why he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. Stephen Miller, a top aide now known as the driving force behind many of the Trump administration’s most draconian immigration policies, emailed a former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney named J. Christian Adams. According to an email discussed during testimony compelled in a 2018 defamation lawsuit, this email was terse — the subject line read “vote fraud” and asked only “can you send some info on noncitizen voting.”

On Nov. 26, 2016, Adams responded to Miller by sending a report that his organization — the Public Interest Legal Foundation (or PILF) — had recently published, titled “Alien Invasion in Virginia.” The report alleged — falsely, it would turn out — to have discovered “1046 aliens who registered to vote illegally.” Evidently, this narrative worked for the Trump team. “I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump tweeted the next day. In a second tweet hours later, he highlighted Virginia, New Hampshire, and California as places with significant fraud.

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