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For the Media Bernie is the MOST Dangerous Candidate

Written by Mike Gardner

It’s been suggested by Peter Sage and others that the corporate media would cover Bernie wall-to-wall the way they did Trump if Bernie drew as many viewers. I disagree with that statement.

Joe Biden gets loving and affectionate coverage from the corporate media and lots of it. Trump gets massive coverage as well, not as fawning as Joe’s, but very effective, like the attention the bad guy in a pro wrestling match gets (excellent hype). The attention that the two of them together get, sells tickets. Bernie’s coverage by the corporate media is angry and negative. Bernie Sanders is covered like he’s the guy who might wreck their big show. The corporate media has a product to sell and they sure as hell aren’t going to allow Bernie Sanders to take the shine off that.

Sanders really has star quality and millions of voters participate in his rallies. Back in 2015/16 folks just never saw Sanders on TV and he wasn’t given time in the last debate either. The corporate media has other reasons for doing what we call “The Bernie Blackout”. Read more

How the FBI Increased Its Power After 9/11 and Helped Put Trump in Office

onald Trump came storming to the defence of Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday, after the publication of new allegations about the supreme court justice’s behaviour while he was a student at Yale led to renewed calls for his impeachment.

Kamala Harris and Julían Castro were among Democrats leading the charge. Harris said Kavanaugh “lied to the US Senate and most importantly to the American people”.

Trump tweeted: “The Radical Left Democrats and their Partner, the LameStream Media, are after Brett Kavanaugh again.”

On Saturday, the New York Times, a leading target for Trump’s ire, published an essay adapted from a new book by two of its reporters, Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly.

In the extract from The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: an Investigation, Pogrebin and Kelly look into the judge’s time at Yale in the 1980s.

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A Republican Rigging Update: The Stacy Abrams Factor

Despite acknowledging Kemp as the legal victor, Abrams has refused to officially concede the election.

“Concession in the political space is an acknowledgment that the process was fair,” she told Yahoo News. “And I don’t believe that to be so.”

Abrams, the former minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, said she “certainly was very sad, depressed, angry” after her loss, and has maintained that her campaign “would have come to a successful conclusion” if not for voter suppression. The state board of elections ruled Kemp the victor by fewer than 55,000 votes.

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The Secret GOP Plan to Keep Power

n 2020, we need to pay attention to state elections as well as elections for president and Congress. State elections could decide whether the Republican Party further corrupts American democracy.

As demographics change — and America becomes more diverse and more liberal — the GOP has responded by implementing policies that will take away power from the American people. Rather than changing with the times, they’ve got another plan: minority rule – by them.

Beware. The 2020 elections offer a chance for Republicans to tilt political power in their direction for the next decade. In most states, the party that wins control of the legislature effectively gains the power to draw once-a-decade maps setting district boundaries for state and congressional elections after a new census count. And the next census count will be in 2020.

The Supreme Court recently ruled it has no power to intervene when states use partisan gerrymandering to draw these maps, saying it is an issue for state legislatures and state courts.

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What Happens if Trump Won’t Step Down?

In February, Georgetown Law professor Josh Geltzer began to ponder aloud what would happen if President Donald Trump refused to leave office were he to be defeated in 2020. It sounded far-fetched, but Geltzer isn’t a conspiracy theorist. Actually, he served as senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council and, prior to that, as deputy legal adviser to the NSC and counsel to the assistant attorney general for national security. When he wrote his essay suggesting that perhaps it was time to start preparing for if Trump, who has repeatedly shown a willingness to overstep his constitutional authority, simply refused to leave the Oval Office, he was met with silence. When Michael Cohen warned in his March testimony before Congress, “given my experience working for Mr. Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020 there will never be a peaceful transition of power,” he too was met with awkward silence. But the anxieties gradually began to grow. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fretted about this possibility in a May interview in the New York Times. When Politico probed the question this summer, it noted: “Constitutional experts and top Republican lawmakers dismiss the fears as nonsense, noting there are too many forces working against a sitting president simply clinging to power—including history, law and political pressure.” But commentators now seem less confident in those forces.


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