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Rep. Josh Moore (R): “I’m Allowed To Grab Breastfeeders’ Nipples If They Use Them In Public”

THIS is what happens when we continually lower the bar-OEN

A New Hampshire state Rep. Josh Moore (R), who describes himself as a “pro-family” conservative, made an alarming comment on Facebook regarding the nipples of breastfeeding mothers if a law banning women exposing breasts in public did not pass. The comment was made in a squabble over proposed legislation that would make it a crime for women to expose their nipples in public. Currently in New Hampshire, both men and women are free to go topless, reports Slate. A bill sponsored solely by Republican men would change that, if it becomes law.

Namely, Moore took to Facebook to argue that “if women who want to breastfeed their children in public are allowed to expose their nipples, then I am also allowed to grab their nipples and play around with them.” When asked why he would perceive an otherwise normal and accepted practice of breastfeeding as “alarming” and “offensive,” Moore told media outlets that “it’s not about breastfeeding as an activity, it’s about the principle.”

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The Dangers of Distraction

Dan Rather. (photo: USA TODAY)


flurry of unfounded allegations clutter our news feeds. Susan Rice. Wiretapping of the Trump team by President Obama. The latest Fox News induced Twitter rant.

The smoke machine is turned on. There’s a trained monkey dancing in the corner. The magician is buckling his cufflinks. The misdirection meter is turned up full. We cannot let ourselves be distracted.

It is baseball season so perhaps the age-old admonition of youth coaches across the country is warranted. “Keep your eyes on the ball.”

We know that Russia – led by a former KGB agent – actively worked to undermine our election. We know that there are serious investigations into collision between Trump associates and Russian operatives. That is the story. Everything else is just noise and dust until proven otherwise.

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Assad Just Responded To Trump’s Strike By Gassing Innocent Civilians

Last night, President Trump launched $70 million worth of Tomahawk missiles into a Syrian regime airfield, ostensibly in response to the Assad government’s April 4th sarin gas attack on the village of Khan Sheikhoun which killed nearly a hundred people.

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