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Inspection- PC GOP

by Ken Carman

 No matter what you think about the Russia kerfuffle one thing is obvious: before the election pretty much all Republicans running; Conservatives and Republicans in general, were no Inspectionway this Russia friendly, this interested in skewing foreign relations away from and insulting traditional allies, all while cuddling up to Putin. Yes, there was a subset that claimed to be right wingers and swooned like sex addicts at a gay night club over the world’s top oligarch, especially when his shirt was off. Not really all that many.
 Imagine the reaction from them if Barack Obama went behind closed doors with Putin like he was a married man having an illicit affair? I suppose some of this could be explained by “trust,” even if just the slogan “Trust Trump” wasn’t such a laughable, provable, oxymoron. (Trump Steaks, Trump U., not paying employees, constant shifting of talking points, bonking Russian porcupines… wait, I kind of made that last one up. Maybe. Who knows for sure? Quill… never know for sure.)
 But this isn’t about Russia, nor Putin. Read more

There Are 3 Main Theories That Explain Trump’s Approach to Putin and Russia — But Which One Makes the Most Sense?

There are three general theories to explain Trump’s behavior toward Russia (and other hard-right broadly autocratic regimes), and for unknown reasons the two most likely ones are almost entirely absent from our electronic media. The three theories, in ascending order of likelihood, are:

  1. The Manchurian Candidate: He’s being blackmailed or has been a Russian asset for years.
  2. The Wannabe Dictator: He believes that countries should be run like companies—essentially autocracies.
  3. The Deadbeat: He’s not only not rich, but he’s badly in debt, and Russian billionaires are among his main creditors.

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Dozens Of White Houses Materialize From Temporal Vortex As Trump’s Changing Account Of Putin Meeting Tears Apart Space-Time

WASHINGTON—Revealing that the physical world could no longer bear the weight of numerous contradictory realities, sources confirmed Friday that dozens of Whites Houses have begun to leak from a temporal vortex as President Trump’s rapidly changing story of meeting Putin tears apart space-time. “A White House is blinking in and out of reality atop the Washington Monument, and another has materialized inside the wall of a Georgetown apartment building—it appears the fourth dimensional plane is collapsing in on itself as Trump’s untenable, competing statements rupture the very foundation of time and relativity,” said astrophysicist Maria Steagall…

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Benedict Trump

hite House spokesperson Sarah Sanders acknowledged that Russian President Vladimir Putin askedDonald Trump to let Russian security forces interrogate former US ambassador in Moscow Mike McFaul on US soil, and that Trump did not dismiss the request out of hand. He would, Sanders said, take it under consideration and consult his cabinet about it.

The bizarre episode is causing outrage in Washington, D.C., where there are a lot of officials who have served overseas and who would be in trouble if their enemies over there felt as thought the White House no longer had their back. Clearly, simply making the request and publicizing it is Putin’s way of pressuring his critics in the US, like Mike McFaul and Bill Browder. It is like when goons from organized crime visit you and leave behind a bullet on your coffee table.


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