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Inspection- Kavanaugh Cannot Die

 This concept could work with almost any issue. It even could be widened to, “Do you really want to provide NO check for THIS president? VOTE Democratic!” How about a series of ads nationwide?

 Probably like many of you I got damn sick of the 24 hours a day Kavanaugh-a-thon. All we needed was Jerry Lewis or some NPR host pumping all the public vitriol tossed back and forth like some very toxic football. And especially how it was all topped off with a victory dance and Trump’s lie that he had changed his mind about Ford. InspectionTrump says whatever is politically convenient at the time for his base and those on the edges. As one judge said back before his political days, “I’m not sure he even knows when he’s lying.”
 But we simply can’t afford to let these things die. In fact it’s the perfect time to strike back. And I’m tired of the old don’t make waves attitude too many have in the Democratic Party. It doesn’t work. Obama made waves. Clinton made waves. Carter made waves. Hillary played it too safe. Kerry played too safe. Dukakis played it too safe. Gore played it too safe. Read more

John Roberts Requests Judicial Review of Kavanaugh’s Senate Testimony

A major concern with the investigation highlighted in this piece is that it could effectively sanitize the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh if the court finds no wrong doing. We should recall that this review is being done without the thousands of documents requested by the Democrats from Kavanaugh’s time in the Bush White House, which Democrats claim demonstrate that Kavanaugh committed perjury. Furthermore, this investigation could potentially immunize him from further examination and even undermine subsequent investigations by other investigative bodies, such as the House Judiciary Committee, which could review his conduct in a more objective light. -PAUL/RSN


It’s whitewash time!-OEN

hief Justice John Roberts is referring ethics complaints against new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to federal judges in Colorado and neighboring states.

The complaints deal with statements Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings. They were filed originally with Kavanaugh’s old court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.


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Will the Trump GOP Strip and Flip America’s 2018 Election While the Democrats Fail to Protect the Vote?

Voters line up to vote in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2016. (photo: Cory Morse/AP

From Reader Supported News

re you ready to be a poll worker?

To stop Trump’s dictatorial rise, a real opposition party would be mobilizing Americans to vote AND to protect the right to cast verifiable ballots while making sure they’re actually counted.

That means becoming poll workers, registration protectors, vote count monitors and much more.

A real opposition party would now be organizing massive nationwide grassroots trainings for a reliable election. Are the Dems doing that?

Trump’s Republicans enter 2018 with a 5-10% structural advantage. They’ve stripped voter registration rolls and flipped electronic vote counts since at least 2000.

This year just voting will again not be enough.

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