Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

They’re spreading manure in my home town today. Well, you could call it manure, or more accurately, you could call it sewage. It’s a combination of manure, water, and whatever else fell into those lagoons and rotted for several months. I have two friends in town who’ve had their lives disrupted for the day.

One friend, down town has been forced inside her home (on a beautiful sunny day) because of the stench.

“If it weren’t for the liquid manure fumes saturating my yard with toxic fumes

so I can’t enjoy the outdoors, it would be a perfect day. ”

Another friend came home from work and within a few hours called to say she was having trouble breathing and needed to get out. She’s heading out to the movies with hopes she can sleep when she gets back home. Of course, it’s a warm, muggy summer night, but she’ll have to sleep with the house shut up tight .

These friends live about three miles apart, but are both suffering from the actions of the same muti-thousand head industrial dairy operation. These CAFO’s not only spread the manure so thick on the fields that all you can see is brown sludge from hedge row to hedge row, their machinery leaves a line of sludge on the roadways that dries, is pulverized by traffic, and then wafts particulate matter through the neighborhood.

To quote Joel Salatin : FOLKS, THIS AIN’T NORMAL!

This stench of  ”successful” agri-businessmen, subsidized by our tax dollars and

supposedly regulated  as “best management practices”

Nope. It ain’t normal, it ain’t folksy, and it’s downright unneighborly!

To check out some reports and conditions from a similar area in Michigan click here

By AFarmer

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Ken Carman
12 years ago

So we spread the manure, then pimp em’ full of antibiotics because they live in manure. Kind of like trying to shut the door while trying to open it, only far, far worse.

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