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WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 2012From a Windsor resident

 TERROR STORM: Living through the Fires of Hell

You all heard about this, right?

A Windsor resident wrote to me on Facebook
to tell what it was like during the storm:

QUOTE: I was sitting at the table eating dinner with my girls.
I just got done telling them that everything will be okay it’s just storm we are safe inside….etc.The thunder was really loud so I knew the storm was close.
I did not see the lighnting strike that compressor station but it did.

Right after that sizzle of the lightning I heard a BOOM
followed by that sound the gas wells make
when they are burning off the gas
you know the sound of a jet engine

I ran to the window and there was a HUGE ball of flames
15-20 above the tree tops.

I called 911 I knew it got struck by lightning!!

I would like to know why those morons were releasing
gas pressure in the middle of a severe storm!!!

Seems to me that if it is manual release
then they should have released some pressure before the storm
NOT durning.

(How safe is that for us to be breathing in anyway.)

At 5:42 pm the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning
for Broome County and that included Windsor.

At 5:47 the fire dept responded.

That happening is it for me!! I am so sick of them…
even more mad at myself that I didn’t fight with the town harder
to prevent that from ever getting put in up there!!

Now they are trying to make it sound like the fire was not a big deal
are they crazy

I seen all the fire trucks that responded including one from Vestal!!
Vestal isn’t going to just take a joy ride up here!!

WBNG interviewed Frank Engler he lives on Dunbar Rd.
he states that he seen the lightning strike the compressor station….
you might want to talk to him too.

Also Fox 40 posted this so you might want to talk to this family as well…
“Cindy Launt, who lives just down the road from the station,
said she and her family were asked to leave their home around 6:00pm.

Launt and other neighbors told Fox40 they’ve had issues with the pump station.
They say the station is very noisy and can be very loud in the middle of the night.

They also sat that several members of the Windsor Community have filed complaints.”

Sorry if I am rambling I am just so angry with them.
I love my property I have lived here since I was 3.
If there is ANYTHING else I can do please let me know.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering 🙂
— ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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