Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

It is a beautiful autumn day here in CNY. Clear blue sky, the sun is shining,

and it feels frackin’ cold!

It’s about 40 degrees and breezy, so yeah, it feels chilly.

Tuesday was gorgeous. All of the above, thought the day started and ended with rain showers, but a warm 60+ during the afternoon. I worked all day clearing out my vegetable patch. Tomatoes and peppers won’t produce anymore now. The Brussels sprouts look like they might treat me to some wonderful winter munching after all, and the kale and chard get to strut their stuff for a while. I wish my broccoli had fared better. Last year I had sprigs of green goodness into snowfall.

I’ve emptied the rain barrels and moved them to the back yard so they won’t freeze and split. Next year I must have more of them, or find an easy way to transport water from the lake. I need to be able to give the garden the water it needs without running up my water and sewer bill. The chlorine in our water is probably not good for the plants either.
This morning I moved my geraniums into the front garden where, with their pots nestled in amongst the hostas, they should be comfy for at least another month. I must remember to bring Phil O’Dendron onto the porch tonight as they are calling for our first frost, and the begonias too. I have some other house plants out there which I have put under the lilac, but I must get their places ready inside. I’ve had all summer to mount my combination curtain rod/ plant hanging brackets, and yet still they sit on my dresser (as do those pictures I meant to hang).
Soon the view from my desk at the bedroom window will be the stark wall of the apartment building across the way. I may move to the other window, as I should move my suet feeders to the back yard where I can refill them without having a window open for too long.
Now is the time to organize all the ideas on what went wrong (or right) with my gardens this year, and think about what changes I can manage for next. I really need to find some more sunshine. One option for the side of the house would be to cut back this ratty old tree, but that would mean significantly more late afternoon sun/heat in the bedroom.
Well for now, I suppose I should concentrate on housekeeping. The landlord is having all new windows put in, and I need to get furniture etc moved away from them, and find storage for our summer yard things, get down the Halloween decorations, etc etc etc…

By AFarmer

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