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A heartbreaking story from St. Louis for all who love animals-PGA


There is an important story behind every single dog or cat we rescue, but sometimes a case comes along that is unlike anything we have ever seen. This was the case with Extension, an amazingly sweet dog we rescued on Friday, September 21st. He had been shot not once, not twice, but at least 12 times.


After being shot, this gentle boy was tossed away in a dumpster and left to die. He had an electrical cord tightly wrapped around his neck, having been chocked by the heartless criminal who clearly wanted to see his life come to a dismal end. The thought of someone unloading a gun on any living, innocent being, let alone one as loving as this, is shameful and horrifying.

As always, Stray Rescue’s vet team worked quickly. Extension’s back legs were limp, and the x-rays revealed the terrifying truth; his body was riddled with bullets, one of which struck his spine. Our hearts sank as the likelihood of him ever being able to use his back legs again plummeted.

Extension was transferred to VSS in critical condition. He is not eating well, and will require a minimum of a month in intensive care. He could not be any nicer. Even with all that had been done to him and being in incredible pain, the rescuers or medical staff never even needed to muzzle him. Our founder, Randy Grim, plans to foster Extension, help him on his long road to recovery, and ensure he never experiences anything but unwavering love from this point on. Randy is even working with some incredible Stray Rescue supporters to create special carts, including a sturdy all-terrain outdoor cart, to help Extension move around!

Though we can rejoice in saving yet another life that was deserving of so much more than the cruel hand he was dealt, the fact remains that VSS is currently caring for four critical Stray Rescue cases – two of which have been shot. In fact, half of the dogs we save have been shot, and we are now dealing with such cases on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.

However, hope remains as long as our compassionate community continues to ban together, offering resources to those who need a helping hand in caring for his or her companion animal and condemning those who are malicious and cause pain without remorse.

Another shining light during these difficult times is The Stracks Fund Matching Gift Challenge, initiated by the Mary Lou Shannahan Foundation. Right now, if you donate to The Stracks Fund, which provides emergency medical care to gentle dogs like Extension, the Foundation will match up to $135,000. That means for every dollar you donate, it will actually be two dollars going towards life saving surgeries and medical procedures. The collective impact can be great, and we can’t do it without you.



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