Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

As you probably have heard, the Westboro Church, which has picketed funerals of soldiers, cheered on the death of young to old in America as “god’s judgement, is going to picket, in essentially a celebration of the deaths, Sandy Hook. Anonymous, who claims to have brought down a computer program Karl Rove had set up to hack the election election night in Ohio, when Karl was at the same time claiming “you results are wrong in Ohio,” has sent a message to the leaders of the Westboro Church. It even names names of certain “righteous” leaders and how they lead secret lives contradicting their “righteousness.” This the the message Anonymous sent. Is this a travesty, or justice well deserved? Make up your own mind.

Do we freely allow making others miserable during the worse times of their lives: is that “free speech?” Is hacking elections or websites, either way, permissible and he who has the best hack should rule? One must wonder; with so much back and forth going on here while “justice” seems to just twiddle it’s thumbs, either way: no matter who you agree with, what has happened to rule of law in America?


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