Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

witch by fireColder than a witch’s tit today. I have no idea how cold a witch’s tit is, but then again, all that flying around on broomsticks on cold autumn nights, does probably make them pretty cold. No wonder they spend so much time around bubbling cauldrons, they need to warm up. Hopefully on a windy winter’s day like today they are snug in their thatched cottages with their chairs dragged up close to a roaring fire sipping witches brew and exchanging tales of hi-jinx.

I’m fighting the desire to turn up the thermostat, hunched inside my fleece poncho reading my book club book. The dog is curled up in the recliner after I forced her to come in off the porch. She loves to stay out there as long as possible, so I usually tuck her in under a blanket, but today the wind had her covered with snow, and I don’t need a sick dog.

The temperature is not really so low today, but the north wind coming off of the lake has a real bite to it, making me dread my walk to work later. With my long coat and my backpack to the wind it won’t be all that bad – just the idea of it. I walk faster in the cold and soon enough I will actually be quite toasty, all but the hand that holds the leash and pehaps my nose.
Out my bedroom window where the wind is broken by the house, snowflakes flutter like dust motes in a summer sun beam, yet I can still hear the wind shaking the front porch chairs. Our new windows really do make quite a difference. Their is not the rattling of aluminum and glass from the old storms, and the curtains tend to hang straight down even when the wind gusts.
Oh I’m not complaining. There will be a day or two of this and then temperatures are due to go back up into the 40’s. This weather gives me the excuse to sit around and read my book. And why not? The house is looking quite sparse and tidy, though there is always mail and dishes to be taken care of. Perhaps tomorrow will see me embedded with the IRS, but for today I am in bed with an Irish Author, well an Irish protagonist, and I must say a very bitchy one. Apropos for the weather don’t you think?

By Ana Grarian

50+ hippy chick from NY - STATE - and yes, I'm sensitive about that.

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Ken Carman
11 years ago

Why on earth, if there really are witches, would a witches tit be cold? Indeed if they actually were agents for Satan, wouldn’t they be hot? Can we at least get our mythology straight.

Sound like a fun time in bed.

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