Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Written by Adam Edelman for The New York Daily Post

OEN: Can you imagine what would have happened if she had just turned on the microwave? Now for some idiocy in the news…

Police responded to an Ohio neighborhood after receiving 911 calls about bullets tearing through local homes. After locating the alleged culprits, these weapons were seized.[/caption]

<h4 data-recalc-dims=Police in Montville, Ohio arrested Mark Bornino and R. Daniel Volpone on Wednesday after they were discovered to be conducting target practice in a neighborhood backyard with an AK-47 assault rifle, three other guns, and a bunch of alcohol. The two accidentally sprayed area houses with bullets, leading to a series of panicked 911 calls.

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Police in Ohio have arrested two men for accidentally shooting up several homes in their rural neighborhood after the clownish pair decided to take target practice in their backyard with an AK-47 and some suds.

Bullets tore through several homes in Montville, Ohio, about 40 miles east of Cleveland, Wednesday afternoon, prompting several residents of the quiet town to frantically call 911 to report that their homes were being shot at.

After a brief search for the source of the gunfire, authorities eventually located and arrested Mark Bornino, 53, and R. Daniel Volpone, 45, who were found in a nearby backyard with an assault rifle, three other guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and alcohol.

When police arrived at the first home of the first caller, according to WKYC-TV, they determined the bullets were coming from the northeast. After several instances of the gunfire stopping and starting again, the sounds led cops to a house just a few blocks away, where Bornino and Volpone were taking target practice with an AK-47 assault rifle and three other guns.

Officers confronted the men, ordered them to the ground and took them to into custody. Both men are being held at the Montville Jail until the appropriate charges are filed. While target practice is legal in Montville Township and both men passed background checks, the pair had been consuming alcohol, police said, and were likely to face felony charges related to drinking while handling weapons.

Officers seized one AK-47 rifle with 628 rounds of ammunition, one 9-mm handgun with 50 rounds of ammunition, one .380 handgun with eight rounds of ammunition and one .22 revolver with 40 rounds of ammunition.

The men may also face felony charges related to failing to operate the guns safely because they did not use a proper backstop for target practice, according to police.

Volpone and Bornino allegedly fired their weapons less than 500 yards from the homes they struck, which were all occupied.

Miraculously, nobody was hurt.

Montville resident Mary Kurec was in one of the affected houses with her two adult daughters and son-in-law when they heard the gunfire.

“I’m grateful my grandkids weren’t here,” she told WKYC-TV.

Her home was left with at least two bullet holes in her living room wall. Another bullet lodged itself in her microwave.

“I think people need to be very careful with what they do with their weapons. Take a second thought at the fact that bullets can penetrate. Look what it penetrated,” Kurec said.


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Ken Carman
11 years ago

This is the larger problem. We can talk all we want about laws and such, but these things are already out there. Can you imagine the response if authorities just went and took them? Perhaps we should deal with what is first through training, education and then decide what we need to regulate, or not. And while the NRA gun safety class I went through in the 60s was great, I certainly don’t think they should be teaching it in our schools. The NRA has become more a political advocacy group than anything else, and promoters for gun lobby products. Best find another way to teach and train. Just cracking down on misuse won’t work. We already do that and THIS still happens?

Joyce Lovelace
Joyce Lovelace
11 years ago

Hopefully, along with proper handling, safety and skills, the training would show the kind of damage these guns do. And THAT I would like to see in schools and regularly on TV shows. We are exposed too much to ludicrous pictures of people firing heavy weapons as if they were pea shooters, and people finding safety behind garbage cans. Some realistic imagery would be helpful.

Ken Carman
Reply to  Joyce Lovelace
11 years ago

The thing I am bothered by is that while we argue about gun control, seems to be the biggest issue of the two is people control. Whether training, or education, or proving you are able to handle guns safely… no one seems to talk about that. The nuts in one movement think of that like gun control, the less sensible in the other think that matters less. Seems to me whatever we can do to lessen any of this, within reason, is something we should at least be talking about.

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