Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Written by Mart Allen for Adirondack Express

mart allenYou cannot say squirrel around our house without causing pandemonium. We have two dogs that are fine tuned to pursuing the swift little acrobats of the animal world. I swear their thoughts are focused on them every waking moment and asleep as well. They are hunters first and foremost and never let us forget it.

Dutch and Eika are our two wire-haired pointing griffon household pets. I call them household pets because that is what they are in every sense of the word. No place is sacrosanct in our household in their opinion. I was brought up in a household were if an animal was allowed in the house at all it was in a well-defined place. Usually behind the old wood fired cook stove in the kitchen. That tradition like many of the other time honored customs I was raised surrounded and bound by has passed into antiquity.

We have a window seat on one end of our home facing our woods sided yard that is the dog’s favorite perch. They lie there by the hour intently fixated on throngs of red squirrels and chipmunks who make the woods their home and our yard their playground. To be fair to the squirrels, they do find some inducement to trespass on our lawn due to the bird feeder hanging from our eaves.

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Ken Carman
11 years ago

Long after we’re gone, I imagine if evolution is the way another lifeform advances, squirrels will be the next to land on the moon. Sometimes they seem brilliant beyond belief.

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