Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

weedsWe had a good weekend. Mother’s Day we went up to my daughter’s for a lovely brunch in the back yard. They are reclaiming the back yard that looks over the ravine. A new fence for privacy from the road makes all the difference.

Later I got down on my knees to weed her front garden around the swing. It was a cool day, but working in the sun was nice and warm. That afternoon I worked in my own yard planting summer bulbs, expanding my front flower garden, and raking the back yard. Poor dog. I raked up all her old dog bones and threw them in the compost bin. She keeps sniffing around looking for them. We had some good rain a few days ago, and this morning it looks like we might get some more. I sure hope so.

My tomato and pepper plants are looking good. Beans are up, as are cucumbers, chard and pumpkins. My corner flower bed has perennials blooming too. I’ve been using kale that overwintered and the leaves from Brussels Sprouts in my green smoothies (well – they are more like green sludgies). The leaves on the tree outside my window finally block the afternoon sun enough that I can see my computer screen.

Yesterday I did some more weeding, and I made the mistake of not taking pain killer before bed. OMG! The nightmares were awful. Unfortunately I didn’t come to enough to fix the problem until it was just about time to get up anyway. Ah well. A good day in the garden might make you sore, but it hurts so good.

Now off to my day job. I can always look forward to some of my favorite customers stopping by.

By AFarmer

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