Sat. Apr 20th, 2024


by ana grarian

It’s been raining for a couple of days in CNY. The laundry I did Wednesday is still on the line, well rinsed, but no where near dry. The gardens are looking good. The dirt and mulch I put in has settled and the plants are looking perky. I went to the laundromat to do quilts, but several other folks had the same idea.

I’m cleaning out a storage unit while I have the time to sort through things. I have no idea what I will end up doing with all those old family photos. The clothes are mostly outgrown now, and can be passed along. There are tools which can be used, and I am sure a few things that just need to be tossed. I have six old steamer trunks. They are quite ungainly, and I suppose I will just take them to the antique store.

A few pieces of furniture will stay. An old secretary from my husband’s family, my granddaughter’s crib,  my  Mother’s bedroom set that needs repair and refinishing, and my doll crib. I have two portable kerosene heaters to find new homes for, and a modern oil filled radiator that runs on electricity.

I have boxes of cassette tapes (not 8 track). My car actually has a tape player, so I might annoy my granddaughter with my music for a while. And there are manila envelopes of letters to sort.

I could be further along in the process, but the dog decided to go walk about while I was loading the car. She finally showed up along the bank of the pond. She had been down in the swampy area hunting muskrats. And the old girl caught one too. She also emerged completely black from belly to paws. Fortunately the shed also had a small tarp I could put on the car seat to get her home. Right now she is sulking in her bed because I gave her a bath. At least she is in her bed and not mine.

Well I suppose I should finish unloading the car. Make another stab at the laundromat, and head back up the hill. I long for the days that I could do all this and a full days work too. Ah best to be happy I can still do this much.

By AFarmer

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