Sun. Feb 25th, 2024

Rose thru rainWe have had a lot of rain in CNY this month. Now – I am not complaining. My little city has not experienced the devastation that other towns across the state have. I guess our deep gorges are an asset beyond the unique physical beauty. There is a flood plain – but I figure those big box stores deserve what they get for building, and then continuing to build, on fantastic farm bottom land with a well known history of flooding. Of course the city, town and county were complicit in that.

Two inches above normal rain for the month. I’m not sure if this evens out the year yet. My garden seems to be loving it. Though I do have a couple of tomatoes that were hurt by the heavy rains yesterday. I need to get out on this humid, sunny day to rescue them and finally get them staked up. I should go haul some mulch too, but that may have to wait. I have to say that the temperatures have been much better. A few days into the 90’s, mostly 80’s and the nights continue to cool down. A good night’s sleep will get me through most things……..

Well – it as brutal because I left my garden chores until midday, but the tomatoes are staked up, my pumpkin vine has been corralled and my cucumber pots moved to hopefully better spots. I see that my zinnias are finally coming to. And now the thunder starts. Time to hunker down with a book, though my to do list states I should be sorting stuff to throw out, or cleaning my room…….hmmm, what to do on my day off…..


By AFarmer

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