Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

“When you’re on a site like Facebook, you get lots of posts about what people are doing. That sets up social comparison — you maybe feel your life is not as full and rich as those people you see on Facebook,” John Jonidas. read the article here

Let me tell you what about FB makes me sad.

  I know most of my FB friends personally. There are a couple of people I have probably met, but mostly I know them through their tireless work. It doesn’t make me sad when my friends go on vacation, though yes I might be somewhat jealous. What really degrades my day is when family, friends , co-workers show that they are completely unaware regarding environmental issues, or social economic justice issues. Jojo ‘likes’ Wallyworld, or the latest great gas guzzler, or the recipe for a heart attack featuring every gunk filled processed food imaginable. It just makes me want to put my head down on the desk and disappear. I just bought 15 pounds of bacon for $5 ! (from a MRSA filled porcine Hell hole run with undocumented immigrants who can be mistreated, exposed to unsafe, unsanitary working and living conditions, often locked into the buildings they work in and pitifully paid) Then their are my friends who are tireless in their pursuit of s better world. Many of them put their time and energy into different projects from mine. FB allows us to support each other, but also exposes us to information on the extensive range of problems that we face.  One of my friends closely follows the expanding Fukushima disaster, another abuse of domestic animals, another the influence of wealth and corporate interests on US politics.

My hope is that “Facebook’s mission “to make the world more open and connected” ” will expose enough folks to the pending collapse, that we can raise a strong grass roots effort to correct things.

And then I learn that some really intelligent folks that I respect and admire love ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

Forget it – we’re probably fu**ed

By AFarmer

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