Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Ye Olde Scribe’s Incredible, Inedible, Quote Machine
“Turning out the Inedible, but Interesting, for at Least Eight Blog Years.”

“(Junior’s)… no moron. He just plays one.”

-A-Non-E- Moose

“(Junior’s) …legacy may well be: amongst other more obvious horrors, reviving the old U.S.S.R.”


Simply “Super” (Sarcasm Intended)

Since the writer strike has been starving us all of the usual grand (sic) burnt offerings, ABC, NBC, ABC, Pubic Broadcasting, and Scribe’s “beloved,” “unfair and very mentally unbalanced” FLOX, decided to offer programming given to them for free by the DLC. You probably didn’t notice you were watching these “super;” not so mellow, melodramas.

Super Woman 08

Super powers: superior fighting abilities through tossing her not so secret weapon; dung fu.

Weaponry: sharp spear that has two points; one to stab at an opponent in the same party and one for real opponents to push back on. Works best in reverse.

A “Better” Base Who Supports her superherodumb: now new and “improved,” and mostly energized by lower class white power. My, oh my, and the same category filled with Lush Dimbulb listeners who were told to vote for her just to royally screw things up. Ain’t that a co-winky-dink?

Sidekick: Husband; you know the one who has helped even his friends stick a knife in his own back for the past 16 years.

Super Man 08

“Super” powers: a semi fine command of the English language and the ability to talk enemies to death. Well, it worked the last presidential election, right? (Possible response by his base when this is a pointed out: “What? Why did you say a Black man can’t talk?”

Weaponry: his magic calming ray that gets everyone together and stop fighting each and moves the country forward. Warning: this weapon has yet to be proven effective except amongst supporters. Possible response by his base when this is pointed out: “What? Why are you saying a Black man is always inept?”

His “better” Base: “Don’t you dare even hint at criticizing him.”

Sidekick: “What, you saying a Black man has to have someone to do his work for him? You saying they’re all lazy?”

Not seen, the real arch villain: Junior. He won’t even bother to walk on the set. The reprogrammed McCain bot will do it for him.

Scribe’s note: ain’t TV grand? Almost as “inspiring” as how we treat each other.

By Ye Olde Scribe

Elderly curmudgeon who likes to make others laugh while giving the Reich Wing a rhetorical enema.

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