Thu. Sep 28th, 2023
TRADITIONAL 40-S PINUP PHOTOS WITH MODELS WEARING HIGH SPEED MILK. Sure to be gracing milk-house walls across the country

London based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, has created a 12 month calendar inspired by retro calendars from the 1940-s pinup girl. Except the girls aren’t wearing clothes, they are wearing milk. Very fast milk.

Frozen with high speed strobes, each photograph is layered from hundreds of photographs of splashes on real models using real milk. And each of the images were taken around the world at his various workshops and seminars.

Getting inspiration from iconic images from artists like Gil Elvgren, Wieczorkiewicz takes up to 200 frames to complete an image. Then the frames are layered in Photoshop and mixed seamlessly to complete the dress.

Read the entire article and view more images by clicking on the photo.

By AFarmer

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