Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

My purchase offer has been accepted, so now begins the long haul. The loooonnnggg haul. First up is obtaining boxes and disciplining myself to toss out as I go along. Books are somewhat easy. They pack well, and I have been living in limited surroundings long enough to have already pared down my library. Actually, after living in an RV and then a studio apartment, my library was just beginning to expand again in this house. My two small bookcases are stacked double deep. Clothes won’t be too hard. I have a few things that I wear most often. A couple of sets for work and a set for not work. The rest can be stuck into suitcases; accessible if need be. Most of my desk stuff can be packed up.
I am hoping to get dispensation to take my things over and put them in the barn before closing. I have so much garden stuff, and my landlord has asked me to remove my raised beds, so I even have dirt to move.

That must be a sign of an agrarian – moving dirt to your new house.

Unexpectedly the rest of the house is moving too, so what I thought would be a leisurely stroll down the road, has become somewhat more hectic. Now we all have to be disciplined and organized. That’s not our strong suit. And it’s happening during the busy holiday season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yule, New Years and a birthday thrown in to boot. I must like doing things the hard way…

Of course there is that itching too. I want to get my hands into the dirt at the new place. Pick the apples and tromp the woods. Sit on my back deck and gaze through my picture window at the fall splendor. Picture sap buckets on the Maple tree.

But first the mundane. Lawyers and bankers, and sorting, tossing and packing. Trips to the thrift shop both to dispose and to purchase. There’s this maroon sofa I’m looking at……but the current carpet is bright, bright blue…….no, I guess that won’t do.

Well, first off is off to work, this adventure won’t pay for itself!

By AFarmer

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Ken Carman
10 years ago

Sounds like an adventure for sure.

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