Thu. Sep 21st, 2023


Americans are truly funny people. Where else do you find folks who insist on getting rid of
virtually every government inspector or regulator in the name of “smaller government”
… and then scream bloody murder because all of a sudden people are getting sick or being
injured because “they”… which I assume means the government… either let it happen or
aren’t doing enough about it?

First we scream because the government is there and then we scream because “somebody” wasn’t there.
Did it ever occur to anyone that the ones ultimately responsible for these situations just might be the ones
making all the money from the conditions that help bring them about?
Tom B

Democrats have allowed the bullies to have their way for decades.

I like having more meat inspectors and bridge inspectors.
I like having fresh paint on the highway when it’s raining.
I like knowing chemical plants (outside of Tejas) get inspected now and then.
I like knowing there’s a place for a woman and her kids to go if her Republican husband beats her.
I like knowing the coroner’s office is fully-staffed and not running a backlog.
(It would be nice if wounded soldiers didn’t have to wait months for treatment.)
I like knowing a cop will actually show if if I call them.
They say in Detroit, cops only come in an emergency and even then, it takes an hour.

Republicans want fewer regulations because they want to be free to fleece the unsuspecting.
Democrats don’t have the stones to tell the GOP it knock it the f***-off.

Bart (with a sight edit -kwc)


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