Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

This story is from 2012, but still deserves to be mentioned to those who haven’t heard.There are some SICK people out there… -OEN

I was finishing cutting the grass in my yard and went ahead and cut in a neighboring property, in what is supposed to be another street but hasn’t been built. I do this to get a larger green area as a private park. I was finishing off and it was almost dark when I noticed a plastic box, the kind that is used to carry pets. Since it is a public place and people cut through this easement, sometimes they litter and I usually pick it up to throw it in the garbage.

I kept on cutting until I wasn’t able to see much in the dark and almost walked away without picking up that box.

When I got closer, I confirmed it was one of those pet cages, and since it was sideways, I grabbed it by the handle on its side and lifted it. My surprise was when I righted it, it felt like it had something inside, so I looked and I’ll be darned! I could see in the dark a furry little doggy sitting silently. Wow, I couldn’t believe someone could have been such a monster to leave this doggy inside this cage to die! That cage had not been settled there — it had been thrown from afar.

She Was So Afraid

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